Corey is a North Texas native who spent her formative years listening to a mix of grunge and showtunes while trying to figure out how to be accepted into Xavier's School for the Gifted. In the 5th grade, Corey decided she was going to audition for the role of the unnamed secretary in her elementary school's winter musical… she didn't get the part. Instead, four weeks later, she opened the show, A Cause for Mrs. Claus, as the titular character, and discovered a side of herself she never knew was there. She scratched all plans she had at that point in her life for being a Starfleet Medical Officer or marine biologist — she was going to be an ACTRESS! She'd spend the next several years in lessons to hone her skills, performing in local theatres, and singing in venues across the D/FW area in pursuit of this dream.

While in college, one of her best friends told her about “some video game website that's looking for a reporter.” More of a PC than a console gamer, Corey sent a carefully crafted email to video game entertainment (not a porno) site ScrewAttack (absorbed into RoosterTeeth in 2019) to inquire. She was invited for an interview where she talked at length about her love of Space Channel 5 and soon found herself as their Media/Public Relations Director and on-camera talent. As part of the ScrewAttack family, Corey wore many hats outside of her official job title. Most notably she was: a co-host on their weekly podcast, SideScrollers; a writer and host for Corey's Corner — a weekly segment on their daily gaming news show, Hard News; an event planner for their annual gaming event, SGC; the hard-ass leader Colonel Corey in their original miniseries, Metal Gear Ben; and a screamer/maniacal laugher/token girl as needed for their recurring Clip of the Week series.

After taking an unexpectedly long break from acting, Corey realized something was missing. In late 2018, she jumped back in headfirst to pursue an area of perfomance she'd loved since she was a child — voice acting.

Since then, she's had the privilege to lend her voice in video games such as Borderlands 3 and Paladins; anime such as Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy and Asteroid in Love; and even made a return to ScrewAttack—now DEATH BATTLE! — as Mitsuru Kirijo in DEATH BATTLE! Weiss vs Mitsuru.

In her spare time, Corey can be found hanging out with her harem of cats; buying large quantities of comic books that will take her years to read; enlightening anyone who will listen as to why Knights of the Old Republic is the best RPG ever made; drinking soju; and flying around the country while writing about the eccentricities of the traveling public's behavior on airplanes.